SusTec's Tobias Schmidt blogs about UN climate talks in Lima


In an article for ETH’s Zukunftsblog Tobias writes about the atmosphere in the currently ongoing UN climate negotiations (COP20) in Lima, Peru. Read more 


Successful Completion of Research Project on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

SER final workshop

SusTec has recently finalized a two-year research project on energy efficiency in buildings in collaboration with swiss electric research and several industry partners. In a final workshop with representatives from partnering institutions and beyond, the main conclusions were presented and implications of the findings for the energy sector were discussed. Read more 


What's it like to work at MTEC's Group for Sustainability and Technology?


The Department of Management and Economics at ETH aims to provide an excellent learning, teaching and research environment. Tillmann Lang, PhD student at MTEC's Group for Sustainability and Technology shares his thoughts on how it is to pursue a doctoral degree at the Department. Read more 


Renewables: To Store Or Not To Store?


SusTec’s Tobias Schmidt and Suzanne Greene blog on energy storage in ETH’s Zukunftsblog. Read more 


SusTec researcher wins 2nd prize of this year's SAEE Student Award


The Swiss Association for Energy Economics (SAEE) awards Jan Ossenbrink with the 2nd prize of the Student Chapter for his Master thesis. Jan had analyzed the development of dominant technological designs in the wind and solar PV industries. Read more 


Two SusTec members contribute to book release about Women shaping the Swiss Energy Future


SusTec Alumni Dr. Sabine Erlinghagen and PhD student Fanny Frei contributed to the book “Energie im Wandel – Frauen gestalten die Schweizer Energiezukunft” which will be published mid-november. In the book, twenty-nine female authors, all experts in the Swiss energy sector, shed light on challenges and solutions that come with the Swiss energy transition.  Read more 


SusTec acts as lead organizer for COP side event


At this year’s UN Climate Talks in Lima/Peru, SusTec researcher Joern Huenteler and Tobias Schmidt will act as lead organizers of ETH’s side event co-hosted with The Gold Standard Foundation. Read more 


SusTec present at both US coasts


While Joern Huenteler and Falko Paetzold are currently at Harvard, Tobias Schmidt re-joined Stanford. Read more 


SusTec researcher presenting at UNFCCC Africa workshop


Tobias Schmidt speaks at this year’s African Regional workshop on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions, which brings together experts from ministries of almost 30 African countries in Namibia’s capital Windhoek. Read more 


SusTec paper featured by Network for Business Sustainability


As the result of being selected as runners-up for the "Research Impact on Practice Award", a paper by SusTec researchers Joern Hoppmann, Michael Peters, Malte Schneider and Volker Hoffmann is featured on the website of the Network for Business Sustainability. Read more 

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