Welcome to the Chair of Sustainability and Technology

Welcome to the Group for Sustainability and Technology


The Group for Sustainability and Technology (SusTec) is part of the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics at ETH Zurich. The group’s research investigates organizational, technological and institutional change in the energy sector by adopting two complementary perspectives: The first focuses on the system level to analyze the role of institutions, such as public policy, for innovation and diffusion of low-carbon technologies. The second focuses on the firm level to explore corporate strategies and organizational change in the energy sector.

Read more about our vision and about our research.

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SusTec invites applications for 2-4 positions at the postdoctoral researcher level


In an effort to significantly expand its research activities, the Group for Sustainability and Technology (SusTec) at ETH Zurich would like to hire 2 to 4 researchers at the postdoctoral researcher level. For details on the positions and the application procedure, please see the open positions page.

SusTec researcher replies to "Weltwoche"-article, demonstrating that solar power is by far more climate compatible than coal power


In response to a recent article titled "Climate Killer Solar Power" in the Swiss weekly magazine "Weltwoche", senior SusTec researcher Bastien Girod now published a reply titled "Climate Saver Solar Power" in the same magazine.

The original article had claimed that solar power was less climate friendly than coal-based electricity. Making use of thoroughly documented, publically available and peer-reviewed research results from ETH Zürich and other institutions, Bastien clears up the misconceptions in the earlier article, pointing to a number of outdated and incomprehensible assumptions as well as intransparent methodology. Pointing to the most recent Life-Cycle-Assessment Study, Bastien emphasizes how solar power is in fact 10 to 30 times more climate friendly than coal. Link to the article.

SusTec researcher invited to speak at Gordon Research Conference


SusTec researcher Bastien Girod was invited to the Gordon Research Conference on Industrial Ecology on the integration of embodied emissions into climate policy. The Conference focuses on the transformation of the industrial metabolism towards sustainability. The invitation results from his work published in Global Environmental Change and Environmental Research Letters on approaches to translate global emission targets to the product level and identify products in line with the 2 degree climate target.

MTEC Students win 1st Swiss Social Impact Award


The Social Impact Award is an educational program and idea competition for students looking to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.  Its mission is to promote the spirit of social entrepreneurship among Swiss students and to present opportunities to pursue a career in this field. This spring, students enrolled in MTEC’s “Sustainability Start-Up Seminar” won 3 out of 4 prizes, including CHF 8000 of Prize Money. Congratulations! [read full article here]

SusTec team finishes Zurich's SOLA 2014 relay run in 9h 28min 02sec


With a new SusTec record, a team of 14 SusTec members and alumni has finished the SOLA relay run in Zürich. Ranking 170 out of 900 teams, this was the second time a pure SusTec team  participated in the run, which is organized by the Zurich Academic Sports Association (ASVZ). After a strong premiere in 2013, the team managed to beat its finishing time from the year before by almost 20min resulting in an average pace of 4:53min per kilometer! The run and the afterparty were great fun - thanks a lot to ASVZ for the great organization! See you in 2015...

IEA's Energy Technology Perspectives 2014 features SusTec paper


A SusTec paper on the cost of battery storage in different stationary applications informed Section 7 (Electricity Storage) of the Energy Technology Perspectives 2014 report of the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Nature Climate Change editorial features work by SusTec's Tobias Schmidt


The editorial of the April issue of Nature Climate Change discusses the role of private investors in climate protection. Among others it features an article by Tobias Schmidt on de-risking renewable energy investment.

SusTec present at Global Climate Policy Conference hosted by the Overseas Development Institute


SusTec researchers Joern Huenteler and Tobias Schmidt were invited to London to attend the Global Climate Policy Conference organized by Climate Strategies and CDKN, hosted by ODI. At the event, a selected group of researchers, policy makers and practitioners discusses potential strategies to achieve a global climate deal at the UN climate talks at Paris in 2015. The conference can be followed via live-stream.

SusTec researcher Falko Paetzold received the "Founders’ Award" of the Society for Business Ethics


SusTec researcher Falko Paetzold received the "Founders’ Award" of the Society for Business Ethics for the manuscript “From barrier to multiplier: What drives or limits investment advisors to provide sustainable investing information to wealthy private clients?”. The award ceremony will be held at the Society for Business Ethics (SBE) Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, USA, on Aug. 1-3, 2014.

SusTec’s Tobias Schmidt to speak at UNFCCC’s Asia Pacific Regional Workshop on NAMAs in Vientiane, Laos


Tobias Schmidt was invited to speak at the United Nations climate secretariat’s Asia Pacific regional workshop on post-Kyoto policies (NAMAs). He will specifically talk about how NAMAs can attract private investment in low-carbon technologies through de-risking. He will also do a case study on NAMA design with the government representatives of the region.

SusTec and project partners from research and indusrtry discuss opportunities and challenges for the future of energy efficiency in buildings


How to get energy efficient building technology to the consumer? – ewz, EBM Siemens, VSE, BKW and SusTec discuss opportunities and challenges for the future of energy efficiency in buildings. Find more information here.

CALL FOR PAPERS for special issue in the Journal of Cleaner Production, co-edited by SusTec's Joern Huenteler and Tobias Schmidt


The call for papers for a special issue on "New approaches for transitions to low fossil carbon societies" just went online.

Please feel free to contact Tobias Schmidt in case of any questions.

We gladly welcome Keith Sue as a guest researcher at SusTec


Keith Sue is a PhD scholar from the Australian National University who is investigating institutional barriers to innovation in electricity markets - with an empirical focus on the Australian National Electricity Market. He will be visiting at Sustec for the next three months under the supervision of Dr Jochen Markard, during which time he will be exploring the concept of technological legitimacy.

SusTec initiates expert statement on the innovation impact of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)

Last week the 'Expert Commission Research and Innovation' (Expertenkommission Forschung und Innovation, EFI) published its annual 'Report on Research, Innovation and Technological Performance of Germany' (Gutachten zu Forschung, Innovation und technologischer Leistungsfähigkeit Deutschlands). In the report, EFI investigates the innovation impact of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and comes to the conclusion that the EEG "is neither a cost efficient instrument for climate protection, nor does it show a measurable effect on innovation". In response to the report, the Group for Sustainability and Technology of ETH Zurich (SusTec), together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI), has initiated an expert statement which is supported by 17 renowned international researchers in the field of innovation research. The report discusses the detailed empirical evidence regarding the environmental and innovation impact of the EEG and concludes that the EEG does induce innovation. The full expert statement can be downloaded here: German version, English version.

Jochen Markard blogs on ETH Future Blog: "Policy Change and the Energy Transition"

The results of a recent Masterthesis at SusTec have shown that policy core beliefs of established coalitions in the Swiss Energy Policy Subsystem have remained rather stable over the last years. Still, there are clear indications that a majority of key actors supports the suggestions of the Energiestrategie 2050 towards a fundamental change of Swiss energy policy.
For the blog (in German) click here.

SusTec researchers present at Ethics, Technology and Organizational Innovation Conference

Aoife Brophy Haney and Geng Wu both presented papers at the Ethics, Technology and Organizational Innovation conference, jointly organised by ETH Zurich and IESE Business School, Barcelona and held at ETH Zurich in January. Aoife presented a paper entitled "Reconfiguring capabilities in response to climate change: The role of managerial interpretaton", and Geng presented a paper co-authored with Catharina Bening and Jens Hamprecht entitled "Dual advantage from one capability: How stakeholder integration contributes to both institutional conformity and competitive differentiation". The conference was organised in preparation for a symposium in the Journal of Business Ethics to be published in 2015, edited by Stefano Brusoni and Antonino Vaccaro. Keynote speakers at the conference included Sustec's own Volker Hoffmann, as well as Andreas Scherer from the University of Zurich and Maurizio Zollo from Bocconi University.


SusTec Researcher Jan Ossenbrink wins best presentation award

At the "Second International Education Forum on Environment and Energy Science" in Huntigton Beach/CA/USA, SusTec researcher Jan Ossenbrink wins the best individual presentation award in the field of social sciences.

SusTec researcher speaks at UNFCCC regional workshop for Latin America and the Caribbean

Tobias Schmidt was invited by the UN Climate Change Secretariat to the “Regional workshop to promote international collaboration in facilitating preparation, submission and implementation of nationally appropriate mitigation actions” in Mexico city to present UNDP’s “Derisking Renewable Energy Investment (DREI)” framework and a DREI case study to policy makers from around 30 Latin American and Caribbean countries. Details on DREI can be found here.

ETH Zurich’s Zukunftsblog features a report by Tobias Schmidt on the role of technology in this year’s UN climate talks

SusTec Researcher Tobias Schmidt reports from the visit of a small delegation of ETH members to this year’s UN climate talks in Warsaw (COP19). He reports that despite the continuing difficulties in the main negotiations, important progress has been made regarding the “Technology Mechanism”. See the blog entry here (in German).

SusTec co-organizes side event at UN climate talks (COP19) in Warsaw/Poland

At COP19, SusTec together with the University of Sussex/Sussex Energy Group (SEG), organized the side event "BEYOND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER: Insights for the Technology Mechanism from low-Carbon energy policy research".
The event featured speakers from UNFCCC, UNDP, IIT Delhi, the German Development Institute (DIE), SEG, Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI), as well as SusTec researcher Joern Huenteler. The event was covered by the Earth Negotiation Bulletin of IISD (link). Slides can be downloaded form the UNFCCC server (link).

SusTec Researchers win paper awards at the PRI conference in Paris

Julian Kölbel wins the best student paper award at the UN Principles for Responsible Investing Conference in Paris for the paper: "The effect of bad news on credit risk: a media based view of the pricing of corporate social responsibility", co-authored with Leonhardt Jancso and Timo Busch. The current working paper is available here.
Falko Pätzold, also at Sustec, receives an honourable mention as a close runner up for his work on "Barriers to private investors’ engagement in sustainable investing".

Three SusTec researchers visit UN climate talks in Warsaw

SusTec Researchers Benedikt Battke, Joern Huenteler and Tobias Schmidt were participating in this year's UN climate talks (COP19). Tobias and Joern also jointly organized a side event with the University of Sussex on the role of local capabilities in technology transfer and innovation (go here and scroll down a bit to find photos and a summary of the event).

2nd SusTec workshop on energy efficiency in buildings – open discussion with utilities and technology providers

Last Thursday, November 14th, we were pleased to welcome project partners, colleagues and friends from Siemens Building Technologies, ewz, EBM, BKW and swisselectric research in ETH Zurich’s Hermann-Weyl-Zimmer for our 2nd workshop on Energy Efficiency in Buildings (please click here for more details).

Dr. Tobias Schmidt joins Stanford University as a visiting researcher

As of Novermber, Dr. Tobias Schmidt has fled the Zurich fog and found a (temporary) new home in Stanford, California. Tobias has joined the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center (part of the Precourt Institute for Energy) and will continue his analyses on the role of public policy in inducing low carbon technological change in the energy sector. Besides initiating new projects with researchers at Stanford, Tobias will also deepen his work in the area of renewable energy financing. The SusTec team wishes Tobias a great time on the other side of the Atlantic!

Call for Abstracts for SusTec's PhD Academy 2014

The annual PhD Academy on Sustainability and Technology in 2014 will take place from June 8th to June 13th, 2014. The subject will be: "Toward a Renewable Future? Technological, Organizational and Institutional Change in the Energy Sector". Abstracts can now be submitted.

Joern Huenteler and Tobias Schmidt at low-carbon governance workshop at United Nations University


SusTec researchers Joern Huenteler and Tobias Schmidt presented their work on technological learning to UN and IEA officials as well as other researchers at the Yokohama branch of UNU. The workshop was part of a long-term project funded by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.

Jan Ossenbrink to represent SusTec at Swiss Re's Center for Global Dialogue


Jan Ossenbrink will be part of an international dialogue together with entrepreneurs, industry experts, behavioral experts and other researchers. The mixed age group of the discussion round aims to connect generations while discussing how different generations envision their energy future and Switzerland's contribution to it. The event is hosted by Swiss Re's Global Centre of Energy Innovation.  

Benedikt Battke and Alexander Langguth present SusTec research at the student workshop of the Swiss Association for Energy Economics


Two SusTec students, Benedikt Battke and Alexander Langguth, will present their current research at the student workshop of the Swiss Association for Energy Economics in Zürich (11. October). While Alexander will talk about his econometric analysis of the effectiveness of energy efficiency policy in the EU, Benedikt will present an analysis of knowledge spillovers within and across battery technologies.

Sustec's Benedikt Battke was invited to participate at the IEA Energy Storage Technology Roadmap workshop (23./24. September)

In order to discuss, challenge and improve the preliminary findings of the IEA energy storage team, about 40 energy storage experts gathered in Paris. Sustec's research on the economics of energy storage application and technologies could contribute significantly to the new IEA report to be released in 2014.

Tobias Schmidt gives talks on low-carbon finance at UN Low Emission Capacity Building Programme (LECB)


With government representatives of 30 developing countries listening, Tobias explained the role of finance and risk for low carbon projects, their bankability, and respective policy options. LECB is organized by the UNDP and supported by the EU, the German, and the Australian government.  This year’s annual global LECB meeting took place in Hanoi/Vietnam.

New York Times blogs about financial tool which SusTec contributed to


The New York Times blog about energy and the environment reports about a financial tool that provides greenhouse gas emission profiles of more than 40,000 publicly listed companies. The index, which was developed by South Pole Carbon Asset Management together with SusTec, aims to encourage greater disclosure from companies and may help to push investors towards more responsible portfolios. The New York Times blog entry is also cited by in Al Gore’s blog.

Joern Huenteler leaves SusTec to start research fellowship at Harvard Kennedy School


As of September, Joern Huenteler will trade his Zurich office against a new desk located at the Energy Technology Innovation Policy group of Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. As part of his stay at Harvard, Joern will continue his dissertation research and engage in collaborative projects with researchers at Harvard. The entire SusTec team wishes Joern a great
time on the other side of the Atlantic!

Jochen Markard blogs on ETH Climate Blog: "Sustainability Transitions: Eine Herausforderung für Gesellschaft und Forschung"


Sustainability Transitions are fundamental changes of established socio-technical systems such as the energy sector. There is a new research field emerging on this topic.
For the blog post (in German) click here. Link to the international network on Sustainability Transitions here.

Falko Paetzold and Julian Kölbel present at EGOS conference, Montreal (July 4-6)


Falko Paetzold and Julian Kölbel have been accepted to present their work at the renowned EGOS conference in Montreal. Falko will present his work on behavioral barriers to sustainable investing, Julian will speak about financial market implications of bad press on environmental and social issues.

SusTec researchers present at IEEE and ICE conference on Responsible Innovation and Entrepreneurship


From June 24-26, SusTec researchers Bastien Girod and Tillmann Lang are part of the 2013 IEEE International Technology Management Conference & 19th ICE conference "Responsible Innovation and Entrepreneurship" in The Hague. Bastien Girod will give a presentation on decentral heating systems, Tillmann Lang will discuss investment attractiveness of photovoltaics for buildings.

4th International Conference on Sustainability Transitions (IST) hosted by Eawag and ETH


This year's IST conference attracted about 200 researchers from all over the world. Sustainability transitions receive increasing academic interest as many existing sectors such as energy, transport, water or agriculture need to develop more sustainable modes of production and consumption. Link to conference program and website. The conference was successfully organized by researchers from Eawag and ETH/SusTec.

SusTec congratulates Nicola Blum for successfully defending her PhD thesis


On tuesday, June 18 2013, Nicola Blum defended her PhD thesis titled "Fostering rural electrification – the case of renewable energy-based village grids in South East Asia". The entire SusTec team congratulates and wishes Nicola the best of luck for her future work as a program director at the HUB Zürich.

Margaret Taylor of Lawrence Berkeley Lab and Stanford University visited SusTec for one week


After an intense week of working on collaborative research, Dr. Margaret Taylor, researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and Stanford University headed back to California. It was a pleasure having her here.

Tobias Schmidt blogs on ETH Climate Blog: "Derisking – Wegbereiter für erneuerbare Energien in Entwicklungsländern"


The newest entry on ETH's climate blog features a contribution by SusTec researcher Tobias Schmidt, who elaborates on some of the insights from the UNDP report  "Derisking renewable energy investment", which he has co-authored. For the blog post (in German), click here. For a link to the original UNDP report, click here.

SusTec research teams starts energy efficiency investigation


Together with its industry partners swisselectric research, Siemens Schweiz AG, ewz and EBM, a SusTec research team kicked off the project "Energy efficiency in buildings: challenges and opportunities for utilities and technology providers". For a more detailed description of the project and for some impressions from the kick-off workshop, please take a look here.

SusTec Researcher Tobias Schmidt invited by Breakthrough Institute


Tobias Schmidt will participate in the Breakthrough Institute’s Roundtable on Carbon Pricing and Innovation and report on his research on the EU ETS and its effects on technological change in the power sector.

SusTec's ETH PhD academy started June 2 in Appenzell

Professors Edward Freeman, Sandra Waddock, and Volker Hoffmann will discuss ecological sustainability as a matter of stakeholder management and competitiveness together with 15 selected international PhD students from June 2 - 7 in the Swiss Alps. (More information)

Volker Hoffmann appointed full professor by ETH board

Volker Hoffmann was promoted from associate professor to full professor by the ETH board

SusTec paper available as free access

Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Management offers SusTec Paper "Carbon management as a strategic challenge for SMEs" as free access to promote its focus shift towards implementation and mechanics of measures to address emissions. (Download here)

SusTec team finishes Zurich's SOLA relay run in 9h 46min 42sec


With Volker Hoffmann anchoring, a team of 14 SusTec members and alumni has finished the SOLA relay run ranked 246 out of 900 teams. This was the first time a pure SusTec team has participated in the run, which is organized by the Zurich Academic Sports Association (ASVZ). The run and the afterparty were great fun! Thanks ASVZ for the great organization! (SOLA homepage)

ETH Annual Report 2012 features SusTec research


In the recently launched ETH Annual Report 2012, a short article features SusTec’s paper on renewable energy cost in developing countries published in Nature Climate Change in 2012. (full article; ETH annual report)

SusTec congratulates Jörn Hoppmann for successfully defending his PhD thesis


On Friday, 19 April 2013, Jörn Hoppmann defended his PhD thesis titled "The Role of Deployment Policies in Fostering Innovation for Clean Energy Technologies – Insights from the Solar Photovoltaic Industry". The entire SusTec congratulates and is happy that Jörn will continue his research with SusTec as post-Doc.

SusTec researchers visit RWE Innogy's Offshore Logistics Company in Bremerhaven (Germany)


As a part of a collaboration project between SusTec and RWE Innogy, SusTec members Jörn Hüneteler and Tobias Schmidt visited the company's offshore wind logistics hub. The photo shows them in front of the 40m tall offshore turbine foundations.

SusTec welcomes back both Jörns


After a good six months stay at Harvard University Kennedy School's Belfer Centre, Jörn Hoppmann returned to Zurich to continue his research.

Also, Jörn Hünteler returned to Zurich from his 3.5 months stay at Tokio Tech's Department for Value and Decision Science.

UNDP publishes report on "Derisking renewable energy investment", co-authored by Tobias Schmidt


After more than one year of intensive work, the United Nations Development Programme published "Derisking renewable energy investment", of which SusTec member Tobias Schmidt is one of the four authors. An executive summary, the full report and an excel model can be downloaded here.

SusTec teaches at Spring Academy of the German National Foundation (Studienstiftung)


Together with 17 excellent and fun students - all provided with scholarships of the prestigious Studienstiftung - SusTec members Volker Hoffmann, Catharina Bening and Tobias Schmidt held a one week intense student academy in Papenburg, northern Germany, on the sustainable energy future. The academy included a visit of Enercon, a leading manufacturer of wind turbines (see foto: the group is standing in front of a 40m rotor blade).

SusTec wishes Timo Busch a good start into his new job after 7.5 years with SusTec

On March 1st, Dr. Timo Busch started his new job as professor for Management and Environmental Sustainability at the University of Hamburg. SusTec wishes him a good start and looks forward to staying in touch via joint research projects and dissertations.

SusTec safely returns from the annual skiing retreat

SusTec staff, students and alumni gathered for two days in Engelberg to enjoy the sun and powdery slopes as well as exchange ideas and the latest information.

Jörn Hünteler wins best presentation awards

At the "First International Education Forum on Environment and Energy Science" on Hawaii/USA, SusTec reseracher Jörn Hünteler wins the best individual presentation award in field of social sciences and the award for an outstanding group presentation across all fields.

SusTec paper selected as top 3 research paper on whether corporate social responsibility pays off

The paper "How Hot Is Your Bottom Line? Linking Carbon and Financial Performance" which was published in Business & Society shows that when using carbon emissions as an outcome-based measurement, corporate environmental performance pays off. Conversely, when using carbon management as a process-based measurement, a negative relationship between corporate environmental performance and CFP is found. More information can be found here.

SusTec researcher Jörn Hünteler wins the Friedrich Wilhelm Award at RWTH Aachen

The Friedrich Wilhelm Award is annually awarded to RWTH Aachen students and talented researchers, who are chosen for their outstanding achievements. Jörn Hünteler was awarded for his research on promoting innovation in wind energy and photovoltaic systems. More information can be found here.

SusTec researchers speak at side event at the UN Climate Change Conference COP 18 in Doha

Together with ECN of the Netherlands, SusTec researchers Jörn Hünteler and Tobias Schmidt organized a side event on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions. The event was visited by over 80 participants and got covered by the Earth Negotiations Bulletin of the IISD:

SusTec provides input for the High Level Panel on the CDM Policy Dialogue

A new research report by the CDM Policy Dialogue on Assessing the Impact of the Clean Development Mechanism, which for instance provided input at a Minister of State- level event at the COP 18 UN Climate Change Conference in Doha, prominently features the findings of three SusTec papers :

SusTec researchers Malte Schneider and Tobias Schmidt invited by OECD

The environmental directorate of the OECD invited Malte Schneider and Tobias Schmidt to give a talk at a high level policy dialogue in Paris.

SusTec researchers invited to speak at the First International Education Forum on Environment and Energy Science

Prof. Volker Hoffmann together with Tobias Schmidt and Jörn Hünteler are invited to speak at the event on Big Island/Hawaii, which is organized by the Academy for Co-creative Education of Environment and Energy Science (ACEEES) at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

SusTec researcher Jochen Markard wins EASST Freeman Award

The Freeman Award is for a publication which is a significant collective contribution to the interaction of science and technology studies with the study of innovation. It was awarded to a Special Section on Sustainability Transitions (Research Policy, 41(6) 2012) edited by Jochen Markard, Rob Raven and Bernhard Truffer.

SusTec Friday after work beer

SusTec master students introduce Friday after work beers. The event has received increasing resonance and has attracted researchers from neighboring groups. Beer prices are calculated based on a sophisticated tool taking into consideration amongst others wage level and carbon footprint of individual transport modes.

SusTec bids farewell to visiting Researcher Christian Busse

Dr. Christian Busse from the European Business School (EBS) was visiting SusTec for about 2 months. We enjoyed the intellectual exchange and look forward to collaborating in future research projects.

SusTec present at World Climate Summit

SusTec members Jörn Hünteler and Tobias Schmidt are invited to the World Climate Summit a high level event on climate change mitigation and adaptation, taking place during the UN Climate Change Conference (COP18) in Doha/Qatar

New working paper published by Duisenberg School of Finance

Busch, Lehmann, & Hoffmann “Corporate Social Responsibility,Negative Externalities, and Financial Risk: The Case of Climate Change”. Download:

Call for Abstracts for SusTec's PhD Academy 2013

The annual PhD academy on Sustainability and Technology in 2013 is titled "Addressing ecological sustainability: A matter of stakeholder management and competitiveness" and will take place from June 2nd to June 7th, 2013. We now CALL FOR PAPERS.

SusTec paper in Nature Climate Change portrayed by ETH Life

A new paper by SusTec reserachers Tobias Schmidt and Malte Schneider as well as former student Robin Born published in Nature Climate Change (link to the article) is discussed in ETH Life >>.

Sustec Student wins SAEE student award

For her semester project on the economics of and business models for energy efficient street lighting, SusTec student Ratri Sryantoro receives a student award by the Swiss Association for Energy Economics (SAEE).

Timo Bush speaker at IED public lecture

Dr. Timo Busch speaks about his book "The Global Carbon Crisis" on Thursday, March 8, 2012 from 5.15PM to 6.15 PM (room CHN F 46). A short portrait of his book can be found here (in German) >>.

Call for Papers for 'Special Issue: Sustainable Development and Financial Markets' in Business & Society

Dr. Timo Busch is guest editor. For further information please click here.

Master student from SusTec wins 2011 SAEE Student Award for his thesis

Robin Born is a winner of the 2011 SAEE Student Award. His thesis "Fuelling Renewable Energy Diffusion in non-OECD Countries" was supervised by Tobias Schmidt and Dr. Malte Schneider.

SusTec researchers contribute to CPI policy report

Tobias Schmidt and Dr. Malte Schneider contributed to Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) report on Carbon Pricing for Low Carbon Investment (download here)

ETH PhD-Academy on Sustainability and Technology 2011

SusTec's PhD Academy on Sustainability and Technology took place in January 2011. For details please click >>

Report on Banking and Climate Change

In collaboration with SAM (Sustainable Asset Management) and ZHAW, SusTec published the report: Banking and Climate Change: Opportunities and Risks. Find more information here >>

Journal paper for download

The paper "Corporate carbon performance indicators: Carbon Intensity, Dependency, Exposure, and Risk" by V. Hoffmann and T. Busch has been chosen as the sample paper for the Journal of Industrial Ecology, Issue 12:4. It can now be downloaded free of charge here.

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