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The Sustainability in Business Lab (sus.lab) consists of ETH Zurich researchers and practitioners with a passion for sustainability and technology. Our team builds on diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise – with interdisciplinarity being a key constituent of our work. We have a track record of several years in working at the intersection of academia and practice, and we are inspired by the shared vision of a world in which sustainability is mainstream.


·       Volker Hoffmann (Academic director)

·       Tillmann Lang (Executive director)

Affiliated researchers

·       Catharina Bening

·       Nicola Blum

·       Jan Ossenbrink

·       Simon Sinsel

·       Annegret Stephan

Team of assistants

·       Hendrik Clausdeinken

·       Thijs van der Plas

·       Paulina Vachet

·       Franz Radke

·       Sara Löfqvist

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