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  • Andersen, A.; Markard, J.: "Innovating incumbents and technological complementarities: How recent dynamics in the HVDC industry can inform transition theories."
    Paper at the 7th International Conference on Sustainability Transitions, Wuppertal, Sept 6-9, 2016
  • Markard, J.: "Conceptualizing the life cycle of technological innovation systems." Paper at the 7th International Conference on Sustainability Transitions, Wuppertal, Sept 6-9, 2016
  • Meuer, J., Angstmann, M., Troester, C.: "Embeddedness and the Repatriation Intention of Company-backed and Self-initiated Expatriates." Academy of Management Proceedings, 2016. 
  • Stephan, A., Bening, C., Schmidt, T.S., Schwarz, M., Hoffmann, V.H. (2016): „The role of inter-sectoral knowledge spillovers for technological innovations.” Paper at the DRUID Academy Conference 2016, Bordeaux/France, 13-15 Jan


  • Markard, J.; Suter, M.; Ingold, K. (2015):
    "Socio-Technical Transitions and Policy Change - Advocacy Coalitions in Swiss Energy Policy". SPRU Working Paper Series (SWPS), 2015-13, 1-37. ISSN 2057-6668


  • Kayser, D.; Huenteler, J., Schmidt, T.S. (2014):
    "Global Collapse, Local Impacts". Carbon Mechanisms Review 2014 (3), 28-35. In English: Download and German: Download


  • Waissbein, O.; Glemarec, Y.; Bayraktar, H.; Schmidt, T.S. (2013):
    "Derisking Renewable Energy Investment. A Framework to Support Policymakers in Selecting
    Public Instruments to Promote Renewable Energy Investment in Developing Countries". New York, NY: United Nations Development Programme. Download
  • Worch, H.; Kabinga, M.; Eberhard, A.; Markard, J.; Truffer, B. (2013):
    "Organizational Capabilities as Critical Factor for Infrastructure Service Provision". Network Industries Quaterly, EPFL, Lausanne, 8-11.


  • Blum, N.U. (2012):
    "Land und Leuchten" Verantwortung weltweit - Mercator Kolleg für internationale Aufgaben Sonderbeilage, January/February 2012.
  • Bertschi P.; Steiner C.; Busch T. (2012):
    "How SMEs manage the risk and opportunities of the Chinese market". KMU-Magazin 15 (1), 26-29. (German only)
  • Bertschi P., Steiner C., Busch T.:
    "SME's strategies for entering the Chinese market". KMU-Magazin 15 (2), 26-30. (German only)


  • Busch, T.; McCarthy, K.; Dessain, V. (2011):
    "ABB’s hydropower sustainability dilemma". IVEY Teaching Case, Richard Ivey School of Business, Ontario, No 9B11M096.
  • Blum, N.; Gradl, C.; Santa Cruz, A. (2011):
    "Clean Development Mechanism: Every little bit helps" D+C International Journal 52.
  • Rogge, K.S.; Schmidt, T.S.; Schneider, M. (2011):
    "Relative Importance of different Climate Policy Elements for Corporate Climate Innovation Activities: Findings for the Power Sector" Carbon Pricing for Low-Carbon Investment, Climate Policy Initiative (CPI). Download
  • Cloos, L.; Trutnevyte, E.; Bening, C.; Hendrichs, H.; Wallquist, L.; Stauffacher, M.; Scholz, R.W. (2011):
    "Energiestrategien kleiner Gemeinden und kleiner und mittlerer Unternehmen. Der Fall Urnäsch im Kanton Appenzell Ausserrhoden“ ETH-UNS Fallstudie 2009, TdLab, Zurich. Download


  • Hendrichs H., Busch T.:
    "How a Zurich-based hotel implements a climate strategy" IO new management 7-8, 64-66 [in German] (2010).
  • Hendrichs H., Busch T.:
    "Without communication there is no competitive benefit of climate strategies" IO new management 11, 48-50 [in German] (2010).
  • Hendrichs H., Busch T., Hoffmann V.H.:
    "How SME can benefit from climate change" IO new management 6, 8-11 [in German] (2010).
  • Hendrichs H., Sutter D., Busch T.:
    "Reducing CO2-emissions pays off" IO new management 9, 41-43 [in German] (2010).
  • Hendrichs H., Wolfensberger C., Busch T.:
    "Garbage cans from plastic – more climate benign" IO new management 10, 50-52 [in German] (2010).
  • Meuer, J.:
    "Organizational Design Choices enabling Practice Innovation – Evidence from China’s Biopharma Industry" Academy of Management Proceedings (2010).


  • Furrer B., Swoboda M., Hoffmann V.H.:
    "Banking and Climate Change: Opportunities and Risks - An analysis of climate strategies in more than 100 banks worldwide" SAM, ETH, ZHAW (2009). Download
  • Rogge K., Hoffmann V.H.:
    "The impact of the EU ETS on the sectoral innovation system for power generation technologies - Findings for Germany" Working Paper Sustainability and Innovation No. S2/2009, Fraunhofer ISI, Karlsruhe (2009). doi: 10.1016/j.enpol.2010.07.047


  • Hoffmann V.H., Busch T.:
    "Carbon and climate change – new challenges for corporate risk management", UmweltWirtschaftsForum 16 (2008), Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 53-58 [in German] (2008).


  • Busch T., Haas C., Hoffmann V.H.:
    "Carbon-Management wird zum unternehmerischen Erfolgsfaktor" IO New Management 7-8 (2007) 26-29.
  • Chadha A., Hoffmann V.H.:
    "Biokunststoffe auf dem Vormarsch – von Kohlenstoff zu Kohlenhydraten“ Umwelt Perspektiven (2007).
  • Hoffmann V.H., Chadha A.:
    "Unternehmerische Nachhaltigkeit – Quo Vadis?" Industrie Management 23 (2007) 53-56.


  • Hoffmann V.H., Trautmann T.:
    "The role of industry and uncertainty in regulatory pressure and environmental strategy" Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings (2006) D1-D6. doi: 10.5465/AMBPP.2006.27178303
  • Weinhofer G.:
    "Ökoeffizienz-Potentiale im Pumpeneinsatz" Umwelt Perspektiven 3 (2006) 18-19


  • Hoffmann V.H., Chadha A.:
    "Nachhaltigkeit – ein Schlüssel zum Unternehmenserfolg?“ Umwelt Perspektiven (2005) 14-15.
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