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Senior Researchers

Name At SusTec Title of Thesis
Position after SusTec
Dr. Benedikt Battke 2012-2014 Multi-purpose technologies, lock-in and efficiency – Policy implications from the case of stationary electricity storage McKinsey & Company
Prof. Dr. Timo Busch
2005-2013 Strategic management under carbon constraints Professor of Sustainability and Management, Uni Hamburg
Dr. Julian Koelbel 2011-2016 how stakeholders connect firms’ impacts on the natural environment to financial risk MIT Sloan School of Management
Prof. Dr. Tobias Schmidt 2007-2015 The Role of Policy in Inducing Technological Change – the Case of Climate Change and the Electricity Sector   Professor of Energy Politics at D-GESS ETH Zurich  
Dr. Malte Schneider
Corporate responses to the emerging global carbon market
Director Climate KIC, TU Berlin
Prof. Dr. Andreas Ziegler 2007-2008
Simulated Estimation and Testing in Multiperiod Multinomial Probit Models (University of Mannheim)
Professor für Empirische Wirtschaftsforschung, Uni Kassel

PhD Students

Name At SusTec Title of Thesis
Position after SusTec
Dr. Christian Engau
Corporate Strategy under Regulatory Uncertainty. An Analysis of Firms’ Response Strategies to Uncertainty Associated with Post-Kyoto Regulation
McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Dr. Sabine Erlinghagen 2011-2014  How different types of actors influence sectoral transformations - the case of smart grids  EnerNOC
Prof. Dr. Bettina Furrer 2007-2010
Corporate climate strategies and their determinants : an analysis of banks' responses to climate change
Professor Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften
Dr. Holger Hendrichs 2007-2010
Klimastrategien für Schweizer
kleine und mittlere Unternehmen
Strategieentwicklung, Barrieren und Umsetzung
McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Dr. Joern Huenteler 2011-2015 Creating Markets for Energy Innovations: Case Studies on Policy Design and Impact The World Bank Group 
Dr. Matthias Kuss 2006-2009
Absorptive capacity, environmental strategy and competitive advantage: the case of the chemical industry
Boston Consulting Group
Dr. Florian Naegele 2012-2015 Diffusion and Adoption of Technological Innovation in the Energy Sector - the Role of Individuals and Firms McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Dr. Michael Peters 2009-2012 The Role of Technology Policy in Fostering Technical Change – Lessons from the Cases of Solar and Wind Power
McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Dr. Karoline Rogge 2007-2010
The innovation impact of the EU ETS in the power sector
Fraunhofer ISI, Karlsruhe
SPRU, Sussex
Dr. Julia Schwarzkopf 2007-2012
Strategic approaches towards climate change : an in-depth case study of the automotive industry
Dr. David Sprengel 2006-2009 Corporate strategies in response to direct and indirect effects of climate change McKinsey & Company, Inc.

Dr. Thomas Trautmann

Environmental Investment Decisions under Regulatory Uncertainty - An Analysis of Corporate Responses to Regulatory Uncertainty in the European Emission Trading Scheme
McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Dr. Georg Weinhofer 2005-2008 Corporate Mitigation of and Adaptation to Climate Change
Director of special department energy/CO₂ at Coop Switzerland
Dr. Geng Wu 2013-2016 Fostering the development and introduction of new technologies – insights from multiple stakeholder perspectives McKinsey & Company, Inc.


At SusTec
Position at Sustec
Position after SusTec
Dr. Falko Paetzold 2011-2016 Research affiliate and lecturer of courses and modules on sustainable entrepreneurship and sustainable investing MIT Sloan School of Management
Dr. Kristin Reichardt 2010-2013 Research affiliate
Dr. Claude Siegenthaler   Lecturer  Hosei University
Valeria Superti 2015-2016 Teaching affiliate working on redesign of the course “Corporate Sustainability” EPFL Lausanne

Master / Bachelor Students

At SusTec
Title of Thesis
Position after SusTec
David Ammann 2013-2014 The Economic Potential of
Self-Consumption for Building Rooftop Photovoltaic
McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Divya Balakrishnan 2015-2016 Implementation Models of Energy Hubs  
Martin Beuse 2014 Techno-economic assessment of investment options in energy storage technologies eon Inhouse Consulting  
Roberto Bianchetti 2012 Trends in global demand for energy-related building technologies Ernst Basler + Partner
Josephine Billstrand 2015 Development of corporate water strategies McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Robin Born 2010-2011 Fuelling Renewable Energy Diffusion in non-OECD Countries - A techno-economic assessment of financial requirements greenTEG
Jeroen Buunk 2015-2016 Organisational discourse on the integration of renewables  Hellemans Consultancy
Romeo Bütler 2016 How Swiss energy utilities and their employees perceive and deal with the energy transition  
Cristian Caprez 2009 What are the real greenhouse gas emissions? A life cycle GHG and a cost assessment of electric energy
technologies based on ecoinvent data
EWD Elektrizitätswerk Davos
Jérémie Coquoz 2012 Potential contribution of households’ demand response for integration of distributed solar photovoltaic in Switzerland Alpiq E-Mobility
Benedikt Deuchert 2013-2014 In Search of the Value from Building Side Load Forecast Information EnerNOC
Sveinbjörn Finsson 2015 The Effect of Policy Instruments on the Profitability of Distributed Energy Storage - A Case Study of Californian Households Landsvirkjun
Siegfried Flohr 2011-2012 Future costs of electricity generation in Switzerland: Scenarios and probabilities Siemens Wind Power
Erik Gloerfeld 2012-2013 Investigation and Global Assessment of Market-Based Rooftop Photovoltaic Investment Attractiveness and Influencing Factors McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Tobias Griesshaber 2009-2010 Fostering innovation in technological fields far from competitiveness – an empirical study of innovation in photovoltaic technology RWE Innogy
Carmen Haas 2006-2007 Determination of Company’s Carbon Exposure – Concept & Application Canon
Severin Hegelbach 2011 Technological learning in the photovoltaic industry - Assessing learning mechanisms for crystalline solar players Swiss RE
Dominique Hischier 2013-2014 Untersuchung der Auswirkung regulatorischer Eingriffe auf den Wandel des Energiesektors in Deutschland. Eine longitudinale Analyse am Beispiel des Energieversorgers RWE
Jillian Hughes 2013 The Effect of Policy on Knowledge Search of Firms in the Solar Photovoltaic Industry
Alessandro Inderbitzin 2013-2014 An assessment of the future penetration of electric powertrain vehicles in the German passenger vehicle market Axpo
Michael Kaspar 2016 The role of integrators for the establishment of district-level multi-energy systems in Switzerland Swisscom
Thomas Kasper 2012-2013 The energy efficiency potential of intelligent heating control approaches in the residential sector McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Matthias Kolb 2007 Anpassung von Unternehmen an direkte Auswirkungen des Klimawandels am Beispiel Schweizer Seilbahnunternehmen Amstein & Walthert
Verena Kontschieder 2013 Strategic Priorities under Swiss Energy Regulation - Propositions from Ownership Structure and Board of Directors EU Commision; Int. Trade Relations with the Americas (DG Agriculture)
Mario Kugler 2015 Historic trajectories for building related energy technologies Axpo
Sybille Kuhn 2010-2011 Time Perspectives on Corporate Sustainability UBS
Tobias Kunze 2010-2011 Investing Corporate Carbon Performance
EnBW Erneuerbare Energien
Alexander Langguth 2013-2014 How to Close the Gap? - An Ex Post Evaluation of Policy Effects on Energy Efficiency in Europe’s Residential Building Sector McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Allister Loder 2014-2015 Liquidity in Green Power Markets: An International Overview and Assessment   Deutsche Bahn AG
Sebastian Mayer 2013-2014 Energy efficiency products and services: An investigation of consumer preferences
Abhishek Malhotra 2014 Energy Storage Technologies on Island and Microgrid Systems - A Techno-Economic Analysis Energy Politics Group, ETH Zurich
Christian Niebuhr 2012 Modeling of feed-in tariffs for renewable electricity in Thailand Boston Consulting Group
Sofia Parada Tur 2008 The determinants of proactive environmental strategies in the firm Carefor Climate
Michael Petersen 2015-2016 Impact of organizational change on the process of technological innovation in the sector for energy efficient building technologies Deloitte
Fabien Richard 2012 Financing a Thai Feed-in Tariff for Renewables under the Post-Kyoto Climate Regime. A Hybrid NAMA International Energy Agency
Rhea Riemke 2016 The Integration of Intermittent Renewable Energy Sources. From Challenges to Solutions - A Framework for the Impact of Governance Measures Siemens Management Consulting
Hélène Rochat 2012 Sustainable Investments: Private investors’ decision-making process and related biases Sustainable Asset Management
Noemi Rom 2008-2009 Proactive Environmental Strategies For Small and Medium Sized Enterprises – Development of a Carbon Strategy Econcept
Fabian Scherer 2009 Carbon management capabilities & information technology. The Role of Information Technology in Carbon Management
Martin Schütz 2010 Explaining the eect of environmental policies on technological change  a framework applied to the European power sector Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics
Florentine Schwark 2006 An approach for scenario analysis for new technologies through the integration of diffusion theory Chair of Economics / Resource Economics, ETH Zurich
Daniela Seiler 2015-2016 Innovation system around electrical grid stability issues  
Ratri Sryantoro Wakeling 2012 A techno-economic analysis of rural electrification through village grids using solar PV and micro-hydro technologies in Indonesia
Greentech Capital Advisors
Roel Stijl 2012-2013 Projecting the uncertain future of mobility; Improving understanding of global transport modeling Bearing Point
Stephan Stollenwerk 2012-2013 Integrating Large Shares of Renewable Energy Technologies into the Electricity Grid: A Comparative Analysis of Innovation in Storage Technologies RWE Inhouse Consulting
Philippe Thömmes 2015 Solar powered districts with multiple energy carriers – A techno-economic assessment with focus on energy
Ben Vermeer 2014 The Influence of Deployment Policies on Equity Investments in the Solar Photovoltaic Industry – 
Jonas Volland
2011-2012 Grid Parity revisited – The effect of storage on the competitiveness of distributed solar photovoltaic power Boston Consulting Group
Michael Vormittag
2013-2014 Cooperation activities as a vehicle for exploratory product strategies – evidence from the Swiss energy market Daimler Benz
Christoph Wolfensberger
2009-2010 Entwicklung einer Klimastrategie für die A. & J. Stöckli AG Sustainable Asset Management
Thomas Zumbühl 2012-2013 Mind the Gap – Barriers for the Adoption of Energy Efficiency Technologies in Residential Buildings Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil
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